We grow our own vegetables to supplement our food and do projects to generate income for our centre’s expenses;

1. Produce for sale; Lemon grass, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Passion fruits, etc.

We grow lemon grass to sell
We grow lots of lemon grass
We help to prepare lemon grass for sale
We grow Japanese purple sweet potatoes for orders
Japanese purple sweet potatoes
We grow passion fruits for orders

We have 100% natural wild honey for sale too
We looking for orders to buy our natural honey
We do our handicraft fully by hands
We take orders for handicraft work



We are facing the following challenges that need your prayers and support:

We need monthly US$3,000 support to provide food, accommodation and school expenses to our 80 youth

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Our ISOM class students

We need yearly support of USD120 for each of our 15 high school students to study the video Bible school program.

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We are in need of scholarship fund to provide successful students to further their education in tertiary institutions.

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