Mission Volunteer

Volunteer to Teach English / Mandarin/Korean

Volunteer Teacher Yen Yen teaching Mandarin
Ezra teaching Mandarin
Joyce teaching English
Teaching the children Mandarin
They have about 6 years to learn
So be serious and listen


Do you want to help students learn a new language? Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference serving the Lord? Do you have a heart to educate & empower our students and also evangelise youth of our town by offering English and Mandarin enrichment classes?  Are you able to volunteer a month or two to reach the youth of today? We like to hear from you, work with you, better still if you have Home Schooling program and/or early childhood kindergarten business. We have volunteer opportunities to serve by teaching English / Chinese and business opportunities to those who wish to seed fund Language Enrichment Centre.

For Volunteer opportunities contact us for more information:

You may also contact Ps Feztus Lim via WhatsApp +6591898980.